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Custom software and database applications:

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Development of AutoCAD®drawing interface with a custom Microsoft®Access database to facilitate structural and safety inspections for five tunnels located on the Pennsylvania Turnpike (U.S. Interstate 76). Portable, hardened computers (Pen Tablets) were used on-site by registered professional engineers to create drawings and database records for each observed deficiency in each tunnel. Custom drop-down fields were created to help with data input so keyboards would not be required for field data gathering.

Typical Tunnel Panel

This field data was then used in the office to compile reports and recommendations indicating where repairs to the tunnel infrastructure were required. The databaseswere used to quickly and reliably calculate linear feet, square feet and cubic feet quantities of required repairs as well as to link AutoCAD drawings files to parts of the report to aid in visual realization of deficiencies by the PA Turnpike Commission engineers. When the report was completed for each tunnel, the data in the database for each tunnel was programmatically parsed and imported to the PA Turnpike Commission’s in-house Microsoft®SQL Server database.


Remote Data Collection System

Development of web application using Microsoft®SQL Server database and ASP.NET platforms to compile data from remote field devices used to measure flow, pressure, temperature or any other measurable process variable, and show historical data at an account-controlled website (EagleiData.com). Using existing field devices, a remote terminal unit (RTU) connects to these devices and relays measured values via the Verizon cellular telephone communications network to the database, creating a new record for each measured value at 15-minute increments. These data records are then collated on the website and made available to users with valid login credentials. Values can be viewed as raw data records, summary data or as graphic historical trends.

Software Dashboard

Software Dashboard

Graphic Historical Trending

Graphic Historical Trending

Set point alarms are programmable and can be configured to send emails and text (SMS) messages to multiple account holders when values received at the database server are outside acceptable limits.

The application uses existing instrumentation and communications protocols; no need to replace existing field devices or data highways with new, proprietary equipment. All that is need is the remote terminal unit to connect the existing local communications network with the Verizon network.

Accumulated data is downloadable by individual users with valid login credentials and are able to be imported into other commonly used applications such as Microsoft®Excel or Word. This information can then be used to complete forms for reporting device data values to government agencies or for importing values to municipal billing software.

FindYourRoom.com Hotel Property Management System and Internet Reservation Engine

Unsuccessful attempts at using off-the –shelf property management systems prompted a 200-room hotel in Maine to contact JAZ Design Company and ask if a custom property management system could be designed to reflect and operate similar to the existing system. The new system needed to provide tools to import all existing data for their general ledger, contacts, historical reservation records, room descriptions and rate plans as well as have the look and feel of their existing system in order for their employees to easily transform to the new system

JAZ Design Company designed and implemented a new system that used all of their existing data and created a user-friendly, browser-based frontend for all of the typical Front Desk functions:

  • Telephone reservations
  • Walk-in reservations
  • Internet reservations
  • Gift certificates
  • Guest check-in and check-out
  • Turn-away documentation
  • First-night deposit tracking for individual guests and general ledger reconciliation
  • PCI compliant Credit card processing for in-house and Internet transactions
  • Room telephone charges
  • Restaurant charges associated with specific rooms
  • Dedicated website for Internet reservations synchronized with the in-house Front Desk system
  • Yield management
  • Separate clerk and administrator logins with transaction logging for all users making changes to reservations
  • Administrator Front Desk area for creating/editing room rates, plan codes and various tools for creating reports
  • Automated confirmation email composition and sending
Typical Reservation Detail Screen

Typical Reservation Detail Screen

The system also includes a custom website using a subdomain on the hotel’s Internet domain name that is synchronized with the hotel’s in-house Front Desk server.

The custom property management system also includes extensive night-audit functions:

  • Integration with credit card processing gateway for daily batches and individual transaction editing
  • General ledger reconciliation for clerk cash-outs, reservation deposits and closed out reservations
  • Reporting for next-day events: check-ins, check-outs and in-house guests
  • Daily delinquent deposit flags
  • Internet-to-in-house reservation synchronization
  • Confirmation email creation based on day’s deposits and arrival date reminders
  • Post-stay thank you emails and hardcopy letters
  • Automated reports for housekeeping staff based on guest status : stay, arrive or depart
  • Automatic posting of room charges by room, room rates and rate plans

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Europe)

U.S. Army 6th Area Support Group Fire Alarm Systems

Custom Microsoft® Access database application for the 6th Area Support Group in Stuttgart, Germany to compile and tabulate fire alarm system and fire suppression equipment in every building on eight U.S. Army bases in the Stuttgart area. The objective of the custom application was to bring hundreds of buildings into compliance with the Life Safety Code (LSC) recommendations for manual/automatic fire detection, alarm and fire suppression systems.


Using a relational database to document existing equipment, tabulate deficiencies, recommend corrective actions and provide cost estimates for upgrades, approximately 300 buildings were surveyed.

The database developed for the project included linked photographs for each building and for various fire alarm components as well as a digital floor plan and site plan graphics depicting the layout and location of each of the buildings.

Database users can retrieve information on fire alarm panel manufacturers, specified deficiencies and points-of-contact for every structure.

The custom application analyzed mess halls, barracks, motor pools, medical clinics, schools and structures of all kinds, tying their fire alarm equipment together and routing all systems to the fire department.

Installation Management Agency – Europe Region (IMA-E) Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) Survey

Development of a custom Microsoft® Access database application for the IMA-E as a tool to tabulate, sort and ultimately track equipment associated with the U.S. Army in Europe that does (or could) contain ozone-depleting substances. The equipment included refrigeration, building cooling or fire extinguishing equipment.

Custom Data Query Form for ODS Equipment

Each piece of equipment included database records indicating the operating Class, capacity, ODS type, dimensions, installation year as well other applicable information required to recommend repair or replacement of the equipment including lists of deficiencies and estimates of costs to replace or upgrade existing equipment. Graphic files were included for each piece of equipment. These photographs were taken with a digital camera, each linked via database fields to the individual equipment records. Graphic files are included for each piece of equipment unless photography was not permitted (for security reasons) by the local officials.

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