Writing Content for Your Site That Will Make Google Smile

Everyone knows the phrase that content is king when it comes to your website. However, do you know what that means? It means more than simply having words on your pages. You need to make sure that you have the right kind of content for those pages. Filling your pages with any content will not make Google very happy. Google likes things in a particular way. Here are some of the secrets to making Google happy enough to help boost your content.

What Type of Content Do You Need?

What you need is content that informs the people who come to see your website. Your visitors want to come to your website and feel better when they leave it. They want information, such as what you can do to help them, or a deeper understanding of the problems or solutions that you work with. Answer the questions that your visitors are coming to you for. Direct your content towards your audience, and teach them. You likely know much more about your industry than they do, so explain it to them. Just make sure you don’t talk down to them. Be informative and polite, so that they feel welcome to come back again.

Presenting Your Content Comes Next

After you have the right type of content, you then need to present it in an easy-to-read fashion. You want the content broken up into sections that make sense. Ideally, you will use multiple ways of breaking up your content, including:

  • Bullet points
  • Quote blocks
  • Statistics
  • Images
  • Infographics

By not presenting a plain wall of words, it attracts viewers and allows them to scan through your content to find precisely what they need. Make sure the information you put with the content is relevant to what your viewers are coming to you for. If you miss the mark with relevancy, you are going to struggle to keep viewers on the page.

Cater what you have to say to the people who need your services. Provide them the help that they need. If you are catering what you have to say towards your clients, and helping provide solutions to them through your content, that will make Google happy, which can boost your website’s SEO. For content that makes both Google and the people who come to your website smile, turn to the professionals who know how to make your content shine. Turn to JAZ Design Company, and let them help bring your website content to life.