How to do online reputation management


Online reputation management (ORM) gives mention to all that is done to create a brand image for an organisation in the online world. By this one means search engines, blogs, news sites and social networking platforms and their ilk. By ORM one basically refers to the entire process of making an identity for a particular make online.

How is ORM done?

ORM is done primarily via three modes. The first is being aware of your brand identity and how to make it successful. It is necessary to keep track of what the brand is and how it is doing in the online forums. The owner should be in the know of how to make the brand work in its online avatar. For this purpose, one can use a set of tools. One of these is Google Alerts. Twitter is the next best bet for tracking the way your brand is doing.

In simple terms, ORM is related with your name, your company, the brand, the product or products, high profile employees, handles and usernames. The best possible manner in which one can take care of online reputation is by taking care of the brand name or the user name. Branding, in simple parlance, is the basis to ORM.

Whenever one comes to know which social media sites the brand is present as a user name, immediately one should register oneself on it. These accounts are the means to make and create real business. Ideally, the accounts which one should definitely use are facebook, twitter, google account, quora and linked in. Also, make it a point to interlink these fora with each other and to your website or blog.

One means by which one can ensure good online reputation management is by creating a blog. You can keep giving details about your products or services and go on updating this blog. It is sure to attract a lot of attention in the online world.

How does one do damage control if your brand has attracted bad publicity?

In this scenario, first and foremost one should get an ORM consultant on board. Also, one should get in touch with the site in which the bad publicity was given out and request the owner to delete it. In the event that the law is involved in this, try to connect with a government association about what can be done in the given situation. Link up with google and ask them to de-index it if there are any nuances in the publicity which are against google’s principles.

If such options are not available to you, begin by connecting in social media platforms and link these up with your main website. Online relationship management is all about making such an indelible mark for yourself and your company and products/services that no one will believe anything wrong about you. What is ironical about this whole deal is that a lot of organisations get into ORM only when something goes amiss!