Creating the Perfect Call to Action for Your Website

A call to action can be used in a bunch of different places around your website. You can use them in your blog posts, on the pages of your website, in any contact or sign-up forms on your website, and beyond. Plus, if you really want, you can even add them into your PPC ads, social media marketing, and materials you use to send out to your customers. Creating the perfect call to action takes time, thought, and planning. Here are some tips to make sure your call to action is the hook you want your viewers to find irresistible.

Initiate Your Call to Action with Verbs People Will Want to Take

The very first word of your call to action should involve an action you want your viewers to take, and one that they will want to take. Consider verbs like download, order, discover, or subscribe. If you are providing something these viewers want, they won’t hesitate to do what you tell them.

Pick Terms That Encourage Your Viewers

Viewers that are told simply to download something may do so because they want the information. However, if you make that download exciting, it will be more effective. Consider something like this. Download a report that proves what we know what we’re talking about. It’s alright, but many people would shrug at it. If you change it, you can make people excited to take that action. Download our secrets to getting your customers to buy, is a much more exciting prospect. It is always fun to find out someone else’s success secrets, right? Make them excited to click that link.

Use Emotions in Your Call to Action

There are many emotions you can use with a good call to action. Positive actions like encouragement are great, but not the only possible route. Instead, there are times where negative emotions can work even better. Consider instilling fear in your viewers, as an option. If you tell them to download something now or they may miss the secrets to their future successes, it makes them fearful of missing out on that information. It is a negative emotion that works!

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