The Best Way to Create Blogs That Google Will Absolutely Love

The goal of all blogs is to inform the people who read the words to something they didn’t know or fully understand before. If you have been working on your blog, then you need to know what type of content to create so that not only your viewers will enjoy it, but so that Google will, too. Here are some tips on creating the perfect content to feed Google, to improve the exposure and rank of your website’s blog.

Start at the Beginning

You want to begin your blog with a title that makes people instantly want to know more. Once they are intrigued by the title, make sure you carry that hook through the introduction. If you give readers a good title, but don’t make them want to keep reading in the introduction, you are going to lose not only readers, but also Google. Make sure you put something informative into these elements that will convince your readers they want to know more.

Bump Up Your Text

With your blog’s content, you want to prove that you know who is searching for your information. Use keywords that make sense and answer what your viewers would be searching for. Ask them questions that make them think, and encourage them to answer those questions with you. Request comments from readers, and find out their thoughts. Just make sure to respond to them when they do reply. Provide useful information in each blog you write, and make sure you cover your topic thoroughly.

Don’t Forget Pictures

Part of having a good blog is making sure that the images you pick go along with your topic. Pick a single topic and run with it. Don’t cover a dozen topics in a single blog, or you will lose readers. Just pick one, then make sure all of the elements center on that specific topic, including the images.

Finishing Touches

Make sure you wrap up the topic appropriately. Don’t decide that once you hit a specific length, you’re done. Wrap up the point with a call to action, and encourage people to continue looking around your blog or your website for more information. If you got them this far, use this time to mention how you can help.

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