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Here at JAZ Design Company, Inc. our goal is to be your go-to one-stop shopping resource for internet marketing and website development. Since 1999 we have been developing websites and helping our clients establish their internet presence.


Jason Ohrum

Jason founded JAZ Design Company in early 1999 when he discovered that most innkeepers in Stowe, Vermont and the surrounding area did not have any internet presence. He began designing websites for the hospitality industry, and JAZ Design Co. was born.

As his clients’ needs grew, he began offering more services, and eventually, the company grew and became first an LLC, and then incorporated in 2008.

Jason makes it a continual goal to get to know each and every client and to offer personalized service. When you hire us to create your internet presence, you’ll know who you’re working with every step of the way.

Terry Ohrum

Terry has been with JAZ Design Company since 2007 and spent the previous 30 years in the electrical engineering and process control field. 10 of those years were spent building database and engineering software applications in the U.S. and Europe. During those years he spent time working with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (Europe), Armed Forces Exchange Service and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission on various engineering projects as an electrical engineer and software developer.

His knowledge of database design along with his engineering background has helped provide our clients with industry-specific software as stand-alone applications as well as website applications.

Nigel Ohrum

Nigel has been offering individual social media consultations to our clients for the past few years. His expertise in development and implementation of social media content creation plans help keep our clients campaigns moving in the right direction.

His focus on fundamentals, application, theory, and productivity tools help our clients to determine what social media platforms will work best for their industry, and what action plans they should set forth to accomplish their goals.

Adriane Ohrum

Having worked for many years in the hospitality industry, Adriane’s understanding of the importance of creating strong relationships with clients has helped us develop many customizable social media services.

Through proven engagement strategies, she helps our social media clients to become known, liked and trusted by their ideal audiences.

Her creativity, excellent design skills and understanding of how to connect with people through social media channels have helped numerous clients incorporate social media into their marketing strategy on a regular basis.

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